Solar Treats Haiku

Sunny and Tasty.

Activates craving for sun...

Solar Sugar Rush!!!

Tasty Treats!! 






Top 10 reasons why Puppy Power and Solar Power rule!!!

Puppy power and Solar power!!

Here is a top 10 list that truly illustrates how much solar energy can truly benefit the crazy fur ball in the house as well as the owners!!! Please enjoy the puppy photos as well. No pup was injured in the photo shoot. Many hugs and kisses were given and plenty of cute outtakes!!

10. A great way to power that automatic dog door.

9. Power the treat dispenser.

8. Make that automatic tennis ball machine run.

7. Make the radio play all day so the pup has background noise and does not get lonely while your at work.

6. Make the radio play all day so the pup has background noise and does not get lonely while your at work.

5. Electric to power that automatic window shade that will rise so puppy can look for the mail man!!

4. Power up that vacuum cleaner so puppy has something to bark at in the house.

3. Wash machine needs solar energy to clean dog outfits and blankets.

2. Lights to illuminate the back yard that will help the pup chase rabbits at night.

1. And the Number One reason Why Puppy Power and Solar Power rule is you need electricity to power up that 50 inch big screen TV to watch the pup's Favorite dog show competition.




Scrubby Scrub Scrub!!!!

Here is some information on how we clean panels. No endorsement deals come from the products we use. We are just sharing some tips on how we keep them clean. Thankfully we live in the Midwest and we get some good rain that helps to clean the dust off of the panels.

It’s advised to clean them once every couple of years or so. You can always clean them more often if you choose. Cleaning them off will help the production of energy a little bit. We use a soft cloth and some Simply Green cleaner. Some soft dish soap can be used as well. We don’t like to use anything harsh or antibacterial because that is not needed. We mix it with water and then wash away. Use a soft cloth to dry or let air dry. It’s as simple as that. We get up on the roof to clean but don’t advise you to do that unless you take proper safety precautions. You can do it from the ground by attaching a cloth to a sponge that’s attached to a long pole. If you would like us to come clean your panels don’t be afraid to give us a call and we can help you out.

Solar Comic

Fun Time for Sun Time!!

A very cute Comic strip has been created for Missouri Solar Solutions. Joseph Tribble is the creator and super fan of all things solar!! Thanks so much for being so creative!!! We all need a little more art in our lives besides utilizing that powerful sun!!! Hope you all enjoy!!