How can solar energy reduce reliance on fossil fuels and foreign oil?

Because 85% of all US power comes from burning fossils, much of which comes from unstably priced foreign oil, anytime you lessen your dependency on utility power you’re helping our country reduce its reliance on energy from energy sources that are environmentally-unfriendly and financially unstable. Solar energy comprises an alternative solution; e.g., less reliance on traditional resources.

Can I adapt solar energy systems for my business?

Due to higher incentives and rebates for businesses, solar energy systems make just as much if not more sense for business owners. Add in the depreciation factor for a solar energy system capital expense, and the financials become even more attractive.

How can solar energy lower my carbon emissions?

85% of US utility power is created by burning fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas. Not only are fossil fuels non-renewable (meaning they’re in limited supply – when we run out, we can’t get more), they also emit dangerous gases into our atmosphere when burned. Whenever you lessen your use of power coming from your utility company, you help our country reduce its carbon emissions. Since solar energy is completely pollution-free, you’re making a personal contribution to the reduction of these gases.